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How to Watch YouTube in China?

by Albert on December 3, 2011

You tube is a very popular web site for the latest videos and everything. You will get videos for all the things possible you will get tips or any care tips or anything on you tube you will also get videos and clips of all the daily soaps and movies and everything. You can watch […]


How To Unblock Websites in China

by Albert on November 29, 2011

In China, Government imposes a strict censorship over many different websites. People in China hardly get the complete freedom with internet usage.  There are many popular websites that people cannot get an access to. Under the People Republic of China’s current’s internet censorship policy, the list of blocked websites include all sorts of social media […]


Best VPN In China | Top China VPN Providers

by Albert on November 22, 2011

It is undeniable that when it comes to Virtual Private Network or VPN, China has the best choice of service. During these days, it is very rare to find the perfect VPN that is not only reliable but both affordable and unlimited. China is fortunate to have the best virtual private network or VPN in […]


How To Bypass The Great Firewall of China

by Albert on November 19, 2011

Using Internet has become a basic human right in most of the countries around the world. However, in China, the government put extreme restriction on Internet usage in order to neutralize several online or social media based protests. These restrictions do not follow a single set of rules and the restriction policy in China is […]


Bypass Censorship in China with VPN

by Albert on November 4, 2011

China has the maximum number of people who use the internet. But, unfortunately China is not a part of good internet because of the infamous “Great Wall of Fire” policy. This is actually China’s internet censorship policy. From few years, China had added some websites to its list of blocked websites. These include Facebook, Twitter, […]