How to Setup a VPN Connection on Windows

by Albert on June 14, 2012

VPN is probably a very common term that you hear every now and then, especially if you are a regular internet user. A VPN or a Virtual Private Network service is basically what the name refers to, a Virtual Networking providing service for you to get a secure connection in the web space.

If you get a VPN connection, it will create a data route between you and the web services or the websites you are using and all the data transmission will be encrypted. Therefore, A VPN service allows enhanced security for the users, while providing the feature of anonymity for the user. These special capacities allow the VPN service users to use internet based services securely and at the same time, using the users to unblock various restrictions imposed on specific locations like blockage by geo specific websites, or unwanted firewall by the authorities like ISPs or the governments. Besides, VPN is also widely used for remote connection establishment, especially within the offshore offices of the businesses in order to enable secure file transfer and sharing.

How do you set up VPN in different versions of Windows?

Setting up a VPN connection for the computing devices that use Windows is quite easy. However, you need to remember that in different versions on the Windows, the set up process varies in different ways. In order to help you with the VPN Connection on Windows, this article will now talk about the different procedures for the different versions of the Windows. You will see that the later versions of Windows has a very easy and ready to go sort of set up procedure for you.

VPN for Windows Vista or Windows 7:

To set up the VPN Connection on Windows Vista or Seven, you got to follow the steps below:

  1. Open Control panel and go to ‘Network and Security’
  2. On the ‘left side of the window, you will see Tasks’ Menu; select “Set up a connection or network” from the list.
  3. In the next window that allows you to choose connection option, you have to select ‘Connect to a workplace’ from there and click next.
  4. When the option ask you how you would like to connect, Select the option, ‘Use my Internet connection (VPN)’ option.
  5. In the next window, type in the VPN server address and give a name to your VPN connection so that you know which one to connect to and then click next.
  6. When you are asked for your username and password, type in the user name and password given to you by your VPN service provider. And after you click on the ‘create’ button,
  7. Then you need to enable the VPN connection from the network and security center. And afterward, you will be able to choose the VPN connection.

Windows VPN for Windows XP

  1. Go to the Start Menu, Select Control panel and Go to Network Connections.
  2. Select to create a new connection.
  3. And then select to the option to ‘Connect to the network at my workplace’. And then Select the VPN connection from the next window.
  4. Then you will be asked to type in the server address, the user name and the password to get the connection established. Put in all the information that you got from your Windows VPN service provider.
  5. After the set up procedure is complete, you can use either the short cut key created on your desktop or go to the network and sharing center and select the VPN service every time you want to get connected.


Set up procedure for Windows 2000

  1. Go to the Start Menu and under settings menu, select the menu named Network and Dial Up connections.
  2. Select Make New Connections and then press Next
  3. Then click on the Connect to a private network through the Internet, for dial up users, first the dial up internet connection procedure will start. Otherwise, it will just go as usual.
  4. Type in the IP address or the server name and click next. Provide your operator given VPN user account details, i.e. the user name and the password. Set if you want to connection for yourself only or everyone using your computer. And then the process is completed.
  5. To get connected to a VPN server, first you got to get connected to your ISP and then you just have to click the saved VPN connection, key in your user authentication and then you will be able to start using VPN.

Setting up a VPN Connection on Windows 98

  1. In this version of windows, this is quite a hectic process. First you need to make sure that you have installed your copy of Microsoft VPN adapter. You can check this from the installed devices list found under the Network Neighborhood tab in your Setting Menu. If it is installed then you do not need to do anything. In case, the device is not already installed, you have to add and install the device form the list.
  2. Afterwards, you have to create  new connection, first signing up to your dial up internet connection and then providing all the necessary server information provided by the VPN service to establish and set up the connection.
  3. Every time you want to use your VPN connection, you have to select the connection form the dial up networking menu.

Even though the former version of the Windows had a difficult set up procedure and a short connection period for the VPN services, in all the new machines you can now easily set up a Windows VPN service without lots of effort.

Best Windows VPN:

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