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by Albert on July 19, 2012

Middle East is one of the most restricted regions in the world due to the countries being very much conservative on religious issues. Besides, these countries do not practice democracy and therefore the government always tries to maintain the control they have over the people. Out of the Middle Eastern countries, Oman is supposedly the one where the citizen enjoys freedom and facilities more than any other usual Arab countries. Still, the internet system is solely regulated by the government. The authority does not allow any abusive contents that they deem objectionable against the religious laws and they also try to keep the intrusion of the western culture to its minimal level. In this age of internet, it is not really easy for the government to regulate the activities of the citizens without regulating their online presence. And besides, the government thinks that if they do not control the internet activity they cannot control the culture diffusion happening in the country.

Therefore, many popular websites and web services are filtered and the internet service providers are ordered to keep track what the users are doing online and send the accumulated user activities report to the government. Web services like Flickr, Picasa, Google Plus, Face Book etc. and many others are therefore not accessible in Oman. The recent internet based rebellious developments happening in many other Arab countries have made the government go for even more strict censorship in the Internet.  Like any other Arab country, where democracy is not encouraged, Oman’s citizens are not also free to make comments or express their opinions against the government. Whenever government will find any abusive contents against the government or can track the users trying to get past any banned or filtered websites or services, the government will either warn or punish the suspects.

IP tracking – how the government implements the censorship:

In order to censor the web access of the inhabitants of Oman, the government has stopped the access to a number of web services through the internet service providers in the country. And to track the citizens’ internet activities, the IP addresses of the internet users are tracked and from the log and data requests of the IP addresses, the online activities of the users are determined. In fact an IP address is a unique online identity that is assigned to your machine and internet access point when you try to get into the world of web.

So, it is not only the government who can track your online activity in Oman.  Any other website or web service can also see what you are doing online. Besides, a user is getting connected to the internet from a wireless access point or from a place where the network security is not maintained properly, there is always the risk that the users IP address will be tracked and the hackers or spammers can track back into the user’s machine and steal away many useful information. There had been such incidents where users IP has been used to track sensitive financial information like credit card number, internet backing authentication information and the user had been robbed of the money he had.

How to get away from IP tracking and censorship:

It is quite obvious that to get around the problem of internet censorship and IP tracing, you need to figure out a way whereby your IP address is not visible anymore to any third party. This is how you will be free from any third party intrusion or monitoring of your online activities. And at the same time your information and privacy will be kept sage from unwanted cyber attackers. So, hiding your IP is the only method you can take to get away from this unwanted tracking.

VPN- the most secure method of hiding you IP:

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a well known term for today’s people. This interesting method was primarily introduced to be able to provide remote access to the remote employees or users of a network. Using this service, a user can log into a private network over public network connection like the internet. However, all the communication between the private network and the user is made through the VPN server the user will be connected to.  And this connection is made using a secure encrypted channel so the both way data transfer between the server and the user can not be traced by anyone else as it is not possible for any third party to decipher what is being sent or received. After the data is received by the VPN server, the server truncates the real IP address of the data packet and assigns a new IP address to the packets. This is why all the users’ data requests are masked behind the VPN server’s IP address. Therefore, the users’ online activities are put behind a veil and the government or the authority cannot actually track what the user is actually doing. Therefore, you definitely need to get an Oman VPN to get past all the censorship employed by the government. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy the internet freedom and browse all the banned websites. Besides, by getting a different country IP address, especially if it is from the United States you will even be able to access the streaming services or television channels of that country through your VPN connection. For example, you can even enjoy Netflix contents if you get an American IP address through your Oman VPN.

The best Oman VPN service:

There are many VPN service providers that will offer you Oman VPN. However, Hide My Ass VPN services are rated as the best service providers offering the best valued service at different package prices. Their security system is also well appraised and the customer support activities are reviewed as the best in the industry. There are a few other VPN service providers that the users have reviewed as good services and they are listed here.

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