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by Albert on January 26, 2012

The Benefits of The VPN Services:

VPN service has been providing tremendous opportunities for those Internet users who are not able to get access into many of the popular websites around the world. VPN has been a blessing for them as this service can provide opportunities of visiting all the restricted websites that may not be possible through other services. There are either paid and free VPN services available for users and sometimes users get confused whether to choose the free or the paid one. However, free VPN service is usually preferred by those users who do not want to pay for the service or those who do not need all the exclusive features that are usually offered by those paid VPN service providers.

If you prefer to have a free VPN service, you should need to know some aspects related to the functional capability while using the Internet service. There are several free VPN service providers available for Internet users and most of them have particular features that may attract users to sign up for the service for the Internet usage. Some of the Free VPN Providers along with exclusive features are listed below:

1- proXPN:

This top free VPN service is focusing on secured communication between users and servers. Moreover, this cross-platform VPN service provider is trying to prevent the logging system of Internet service provider and any other sources that may try to make log of each website access of yours. Besides, it can also provide a stable encryption system ensuring data transmission security and has the capability of protecting all the popular type of connections like 3G, DSL and broadband Internet. proXPN can support different smart phones like iPod, iPhone and Windows Mobile with the capacity of supporting PPTP system efficiently. However, this free VPN service is available for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Usually, this VPN service connects to USA based server but gives you only a limited login unless you sign for an upgraded version. And if you prefer to upgrade the VPN service, you will have to sign up for their premium packages which may cost about $9.95 for each month and $49.95 per month for six months. Therefore, in fact the free part of this service is not enough for your ceaseless connectivity.

2- Tunnel Bear:

This is another best free VPN service which is also known for their easier functional guidelines. Besides, this VPN service can provide opportunity to switch between UK and USA servers by users and this will certainly help users to watch Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and other live streaming websites without facing any sort of difficulty. Moreover, if users prefer to get access into some geo-restricted websites, this VPN service will certainly help you through giving you an access whenever you will surf to those particular websites. However, the basic version of Tunnel Bear comes to an offer of only a 500MB data access limit and if you prefer to get unlimited use of their servers, you will have to pay for about $5 each month. And for more upgraded usage you have to pay higher. Therefore, even this one will not suit your needs if you are a frequent internet user.

3- CyberGhost:

This VPN service provider gives opportunity of accessing into those geo-restricted websites that usually do IP tracking. Besides, it also provides anonymity for users in order to hide their real identity from the Internet service provider through providing an external IP address. Moreover, this service provider offers 128 bit encryption to prevent all type of tracking to detect your system location. It also offers a convenient application to view all the statistical features related to your VPN account and others information related to different websites, online data packets, sharing platforms of contents while using the service through the Internet service. CyberGhost usually offers a secure encryption process as all the data packets transfer through those specified servers in order to make it safe from external sources. This free VPN service also offers some exclusive features that may help users to hide their identity while using the Internet service in order to browse those geo-restricted websites. However, most of the advanced features are meant for only the premium users that have to pay a huge amount for the premium service. So unless you are ready to pay big, you do not actually get enough security and browsing benefits from this service.

4- RiccoVPN:

If you are living in a country where Internet censorship has been obliged by the respective authority of your country, you can certainly try out this VPN service in order to get access into those restricted areas of cyber space. However, its functional capabilities are just like other popular VPN services in order to provide secured internet usage while users stay online through their services. This service will help you through replacing your external IP address which has been given by your Internet service provider with an IP address of their service in order to open up all sorts of accessing into those restricted websites.

Moreover, it’s premium service will help you through providing a definite IP address for a particular country that is not possible while using the free service by this company. Moreover, the free VPN service from this country will not allow getting access into those restricted websites from different countries. However, if you choose the premium service, you will be offered some exclusive features like unlimited bandwidth, auto IP address changing system and some others in order to make users outing safe and comfortable while using the Internet service through this VPN service. Therefore without the paid premium service, even this popular free VPN service is actually nothing significant to go for.

5- RaptorVPN:

RaptorVPN service offers both clientless and client based VPN connection for their customers. Besides, it also supports L2TP(layer 2 tunneling) and PPTP(point to point tunneling protocol) servers to make the who data packets transferring process easier and secured in order to provide better secured service to their customers. However, this VPN service provider recommends using Spotflux software in order to use their VPN connection with specific VPN servers. Though, you can certainly connect to their any server without installing the software which is a unique feature from RaptorVPN service. The recommended software usually requires only login related information in order make connection to the specified server that users have asked for. Therefore, you will need to sign up for their service before launching the application and enter the selected username and password to login into the application so that you can connect to VPN server of different locations. However, unless you are a paid member you will be given the login facilities only for a few limited times.

6- ExpatShield & HotSpotShield:

AnchorFree has launched two separate VPN services that can provide IP addresses from UK and USA in order to provide advantages for non-USA and non-UK Internet users. These two VPN services are known as the ExpatShield and HotSpotShield service that can provide access into any of the restricted websites available in USA and UK. However, HotSpotShield is the primary service of AnchorFree that has provided opportunities for those users who are not be able to get access into USA based websites. However, with both the services most of the attractive features that are offered in the advertisements are limited in the free, unpaid version. You will get to use the exclusive features only when you pay a lot of money to become a paid or premium user.


Free VPN Service Is Not The Perfect Choice For Getting Guaranteed Online Security:

Free services of VPN system cannot provide all the important features that users usually expect to have while using the Internet service. It is a basic rule that you cannot get enough facilities from a free VPN service that you can get from the Paid one. Moreover, these free VPN services may use your private database and other information for marketing purpose and your online privacy will be in a vulnerable condition. There are a number of examples where the companies had used their customers private information in order to get marketing benefits. Besides, some of these services require their users to get into the service first by registering through their debit or credit card and then once the sign up period is over, they automatically start to charge the customers card. Most of the customer forgets to sign off from the service and end up paying the monthly fees for mistake even if they are not actually using the service any more.

Actually you cannot expect to get any good quality customer support from them, not also you can expect that these services will provide you enough security online and save your private information from being leaked. And again if you are looking to bypass the strong Internet censorship that has been imposed by the government, you may not be able to do that while using the free VPN service. As, most of the free VPN service providers do not have a good quality infrastructure like the paid VPN service providers do. Moreover, if you are thinking of getting access into those live streaming websites, you may not be able to watch TV shows or movies properly the free VPN will not give you enough bandwidth or data usage limit to do so. A get good bandwidth speed is particularly necessary while you are trying to watch online movies and TV shows from those popular live streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. Sometimes, those free VPN service providers may not be able to provide the specific server location that you would prefer in order to replace your own IP with the IP address of that particular location.

In contrast to what even the best free VPN services have in their bags to offer to the customers, most of the top charted paid VPN service providers offer high quality service, consistency, reliability, protection against cyber attacks, data security, top quality data encryption, data tunneling, enough bandwidth, unlimited internet usage or data transfer availability etc and many other premium services and they offer those services at much cheaper rates than those so called free VPN services. Therefore you should actually choose a really good quality VPN service like Hide My Ass VPN service or some other from the handpicked list mentioned below.
Here is the Top 5 paid VPN Providers list.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 Hidemyass $6.55/ Month Visit Provider Site
2 ExpressVPN $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
3 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
4 IAPS $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site

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