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InterNet Censorship

How To Unlock Skype In UAE

by Albert on February 3, 2012

Skype – An amazing service to get connected with your friends and family Skype is a name known to a lot of people nowadays, especially the ones that has overseas business operation or have friends and family living abroad. This low cost Voice over IP service lets you to do a number of stuffs that […]


Top Ten Reasons to Buy VPN

by Albert on December 31, 2011

VPN services are very popular nowadays.  Below are the top ten reasons why you should select a VPN service for you. 1. If you are using Internet service, then you must be concerned about security and privacy for sure. Thousands of incidences occur due to lack of proper security and privacy while surfing through the […]


Vietnam- another name that is black listed in the world of internet freedom. There are several countries around the world that have restricted many of the popular websites due to some restriction policies from their respective government. Therefore, millions of Internet users do not get the chance of accessing into their desired websites as they […]


How to Unblock Skype in UAE

by Albert on December 24, 2011

Skype blocked in UAE: There are many Internet service providers from different countries who claim to lose revenue due to continual use of Skype by their Internet users. As a result, many of the service providers have blocked the use of Skype service to the customers. Besides, countries like Belize, Brazil, Columbia, China, UAE, Cuba […]


Best VPN in UAE

by Albert on December 3, 2011

Internet have become a basic necessarily for everyone as everything that a person wants in there and you can find it all and get connected to the world with just a click. The world seems closer when you have internet from one end you can know what is going on in the other end in […]