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How to Setup VPN on Google Nexus One

by Albert on March 8, 2012

Features of Google Nexus One: The Google Nexus One is one of the popular types of smart phones that runs through an Android based operating system and it has already created a new vive in the cellular industry. Many users thought it would compete with Apple’s iPhone which has been another wonder in mobile phone […]


How to Set up VPN Connection on IOS

by Albert on February 29, 2012

What does iOS stand for? iOS basically stands for the OS used in iPhone. This operating system is the major driving force in Apple’s recent super fast user interface development for iPhone, iPod, iPad and other Apple made gadgets. IOS has a very easy to use VPN compatibility through the VPN client it uses for […]


Google Chromebook is one of the newest editions by Google into the world of technology and it has already achieved huge popularities among users due to its exclusive features and usability. However, Google has always tried to make new and innovative products which are not just mere updates of previous versions of the technologies. When […]


Set Up a VPN Connection in Windows 7

by Albert on November 26, 2011

If you want to be able to connect to your companies main network, you need to learn how to configure VPN in windows 7. The steps you need to follow to setup VPN connection in Windows 7 is easy. However, before we go and discuss windows 7 vpn set up, let us discuss what VPN […]