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VPN Protocols

L2TP VPN | Best L2TP VPN Protocol

by Albert on January 30, 2012

L2TP or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is one the better tools available in case of getting a secured online outing. This specialized system can provide top most online security for their customers and maintain a secured data transferring system through which users can easily transfer their databases without getting hacked down. It is obvious that, […]


SSL VPN Service and top SSL VPN Providers

by Albert on January 26, 2012

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a special form of virtual private network that pulls and expands out the connection over the public Internet service and network in order to allow users from different locations accessing into business, corporate and commercial resources in a secured manner. However, SSL is signified as the application level of […]


OpenVPN is a unique service where all the significant features of SSL VPN are present, and those features implement only the extension of OSI layer 2 or 3 secured network. Besides, it uses the industrial standard TLS or SSL protocol, supports the method of flexible client authentication that has been based on smart cards, certificates […]


PPTP VPN | Best VPN For PPTP Protocol

by Albert on January 14, 2012

What is PPTP? PPTP or Point to Point Tunneling Protocol is one of the most popular types of the protocol which has been widely used by the top most VPN service providers. However, if you prefer to set up a VPN account, you will need to have a network protocol like PPTP. Besides, the total […]


Best SSTP VPN | SSTP VPN Providers

by Albert on January 12, 2012

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol or SSTP VPN is one of the best options available for users in order to get anonymity while browsing in the cyber space and unlock many of the popular restricted websites around the Internet world. This specialized protocol system is trying to modify many lacking while using the Point to Point […]