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by Albert on January 24, 2012

French Government has been quite liberal regarding Internet censorship. And whatever web censorship in France that was on practice had so far been mainly on children pornography. However, since 2010 the government has started to practice the well debated three strike strategy for internet based piracy. If anyone is caught for sharing any copyrighted material, this system will penalize that person, however, if the same action is repeated thrice, the person’s internet connection or IP address will be completely banned from internet access. This three strike rule has already created a huge debate inside France and also in other countries in Europe. Switzerland has disagreed with France and thinks that there should be no ban on file sharing in order to let people get the complete freedom regarding their internet right. On the other hand, Spain thinks this is a great step and has moved forward to implement this three strike rule in the country.

The people in France who are supporting this new rule, thinks that this will stop online music, video, games and other sorts of piracy and a number of intellectual property will be protected and the copyright holders will be safe from their rightful revenue to be snatched up by someone else.

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However, the opponents of this rule think that this new law will hamper the growth of internet usage and internet related service development in France. According to them, the entertainment industry is still making huge profit and actually the age group of people that download movies or games is from 14 to 20 who would not have even contributed to the entertainment industry in any other ways. Alternatively these people will grow up to a potential consumer group for the entertainment industry in the future as these pirated stuffs actually make them attracted to many directors or singers.

Along with this three strike rule, there is a well debated internet controlling rule as well that is written in a way that actually refers that the government is actually in control of the whole internet system as the government can even put bans on websites who does not directly sell any product, rather distribute information. According to this new controlling legislation any website or service that the government think to be harmful to any group, minority or any person might be either banned or penalized.

How these rules are creating chaos?

Since both the three strike rules and the internet controlling rules are quite ambiguous and the web filtering to create a civilized web environment in France is quite confusing, people are trying to find out ways that will help them to get away from all of the unwanted situations that they might be going through because of the implementation of these laws. For example, even a regular blogger might be summoned to the court just for writing something about his or her personal beliefs that the government is thinking that would hurt a religious bunch or a minority group. Again, there are many free internet spaces in the cafeterias, libraries and university or other educational organizations where the copyright law is being broken and even though the authority did not facilitate any direct violation of the law, in such cases the organizations are going to pay the price for the doings of random users. And it is highly impossible to keep track of every other user.

France VPN: The best Solution you can expect:

The only solution that will take good care of the anonymity issue is the VPN service. A France VPN service will allow you to hide your real IP address and get assigned to any other country’s IP address and so the websites you are accessing to or the web services you are using cannot be tracked by anyone else. Besides a French VPN service will also give you a secure data channel between your computer to the VPN server you are connecting to and all the data transfer between you and the server will be encrypted in a way that no one else will be able to decode the data and will never know which services or websites you are accessing to.

The best France VPN service provider:

Even though a VPN service is relatively a new form of networking service, there are already a good number of service providers in the market. All of them will definitely claim that they are the best service providers and they excel in everything. However while choosing your desired provider you need to make sure a few aspects are there so that you do not have to face a lot of problems in the future while you will be using the service on a regular basis. First of all, the security or encryption system of a France VPN should be safe enough for you and you should get good deals for your price. Considering all these features and also the quality of service many users have rated Hide My Ass VPN service to be the best French VPN available in the market. However, the list below includes the top 5 France VPN providers.

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1 Hidemyass $6.55/ Month Visit Provider Site
2 ExpressVPN $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
3 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
4 IAPS $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site

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