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by Albert on January 20, 2012

Like many other countries around the world, New Zealand is also joining the league of countries that are fighting against piracy and implementing strict Internet rules for the users to stop all sorts of P2P file sharing. New Zealand government has decided to criminalize any sort of act relating to file sharing, such as direct file sharing or allowing or facilitating others with web services or software to share their files. If any person or organization is caught with proofs that they have participated in any such activities, there is a new law that will penalize the rule breakers. And like France new Zeeland government is implementing the three strike rules whereby the lawbreakers will be warned twice with huge amount of fines to be paid each time and the connection of the user will be permanently stopped if it happens for the third time.

However, this law is not accepted in New Zealand with open heart. Many people think that the government should not have acted so weak against the pressure of the entertainment people. As the peer to peer file sharing is not always meant for copyrighted materials sharing. And again, the law of copyright is also a matter of great debate. Many people think that any work of creation should not be confined to some people only. And other than selling the copyrights of music, movies or other entertainment related stuffs, there can be other innovative ways or revenue generation from such stuffs. And actually the p2p file sharing is not only causing harm to the entertainment industry, rather it is helping the entertainment industry to reach to a number of potential buyers or consumers that would invest more in the industry when they are able to earn. Mostly the students or the teenagers are the users of p2p file sharing services.

Besides, the penalty issue is also quite confusing for the three strike rule to be implemented. As p2p sharing and other stuffs can be done through Wi-Fi networks where the identity of the users can not be tracked all the time and therefore the final criminal turn out to be the provider of the network. And this is by no means a fair business.

Moreover, there are many people in New Zealand who think like the Switzerland government who has decided not to criminalize and penalize the p2p file sharing or related services. These people actually think that this type of three strike rule go against the basic internet usage right that had been established by the Un’s basic human rights law.

Again, many people in New Zealand wish to visit those geo restricted websites like Hulu, BBC iPlayer or Netflix.So these are the basic reasons for using a NZ VPN. However, there are people in other countries of the world who wants to use New Zealand IP VPN as well that is discussed in the next section of this article.

Why would someone want to use New Zealand IP VPN services?

Even though New Zealand government has stopped all sorts of P2P file sharing, still there are lots of other benefits that motivate people to go for a NZ VPN service that would provide an alternative New Zealand IP address to hide the real IP address.


There are many residents of New Zealand who need a New Zealand IP VPN to get into their financial services online and usually such financial services where online transactions usually get through – have strong security system. And the services offered for domestic New Zealanders only. Besides many people need this New Zealand IP VPN service either to access their New Zealand based work place or home network or to enable access to such networks in cases they are travelling abroad for other reasons.

Besides, when someone subscribes for a New Zealand IP VPN, the system gets the ultimate security during the browsing period and also the third party monitoring can be stopped with this VPN service.

Best New Zealand IP VPN

There are many services that offer such services. However, the number of consistent services is not many. Based on customers satisfaction review and functionality analysis, the renowned VPN service provider named as ‘Hide My Ass VPN’ seems to be the most efficient in the current industry. There are a few other good VPN providers in the market too that are listed here.Here is the list of Top 5 VPN Providers.

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Note: If you live outside and your purpose is just to get New Zealand ip then keep in mind that only iapsVPN offers New zelanad ip.

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