Best Paid VPN Providers

by Albert on January 10, 2012

A VPN Service provides you a very good opportunity of anonymous browsing. Since you log into a VPN service provided server situated in some distant land, you actually get the chance of using the IP address of that server instead of your own IP address. Besides, the encryption facility provided by the VPN service providers makes sure that all of your personal information and your privacy is safe from unwanted cyber attacks.

Choose Paid VPN Services to Get the best benefits:

Even though there are both free and paid VPN services available for the users. The users need to keep in mind that the free VPN services comes with additional advertisement from their sponsors and might as well some form of IP tracking to analyze the browsing behavior of the users. Besides the security system deployed is not so strong to protect the system from the reach of the hackers or the spammers. Therefore, it is definitely better to use the paid VPN services that provide the desired benefits and the service quality of those paid VPN provider are also quite satisfying for the service users.

Top 5 Best Paid VPN Providers:

Out of the many paid VPN services available in the market, it is quite difficult for the users to be able to find the best paid VPN. After doing some market research and comparing the several available providers we have decided on the few top VPN service providers in the market. The details of those providers are given below:

This VPN service provider ranks quite high in terms of Alexa ranking and also in terms of their acceptability to the customers. Their usual packages are personal VPN services at an affordable rate that starts from only $11.50 dollar per month. Besides all the common and uncommon protocols are used here that enables the subscribed users to be able to get connected with any mobile or fixed device.

With their over 200 servers situated in about 40 countries around the world, this provider has the option for their customers to choose from any server they want to log in and thus a user can actually can pick from any one of the available IP masks they prefer to. Besides, this is one of the speediest VPN server with enough bandwidth allocation for the users that actually makes sure that the users can do whatever they want to do with their internet connection. Also their customer service response is pretty fast and reliable

With excellent service, great speed, optimum pricing and wonderful reviews from the customers, this service provides also tops many other in the market. Besides, the installation and initial setup of this VPN service is so easy and when that is coupled with their excellent customer service, the users are expected to experience one of the bests.

This VPN service offer a paid VPN service using either of the OPenVPN or the PPTP protocols and they also offer a 30 day payback guarantee so that the users can check their services before signing up for longer terms. Their only limitation is that their servers are not yet spread in many regions. However, good service, good speed and good customer support are their basic tool for success.

Their service is priced at a premium rate. Also their services are good mainly for the European users and they do not have too many offshore servers to serve the customers with too many variable options. However, this service is considered to be the most secured VPN service available for the users.

This service provide super fast customer support response to their customers and they provide the customers with and efficient, fast and unlimited bandwidth VPN service that are competitive to many others in the market. However, their price range is quite high making them unavailable to a range of customers who prefer to have a cheap connection.

So based on the analysis and the reviews you can see that Hide My Ass VPN rules all other services and tops the list in terms of efficiency and affordability.

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