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by Albert on January 31, 2012

A good number of well known companies around the world prefer to use VPN services in order to protect their private data base and sensitive business related information from being hacked or leaked out through any unwanted attacks. Such safety failure might cause certain damage in their business operation and profitability. However, a virtual private network creates a powerful secured network between the user and a specific server which can encrypt and protect user’s database and information properly. Most of the Internet users prefer to have their own online security and privacy while accessing into various websites. Besides, many of the Internet users prefer to use Internet service from public Wi-Fi hotspots or in shared networks where free Internet service is available. However, these services are not controlled properly by any specific networking system. Therefore, many incidences have already occurred where user’s had lost their personal database by hackers due to the absence of a proper security and privacy firewall. A personal VPN is introduced for those Internet users who like to have their own VPN account to get access from anywhere in the world where Internet service is available.

Reason for getting a Personal VPN:

With the increasing added facilities of using Internet service coming up for free, many of the users prefer to use them in order to fulfill their needs related to the Internet service and also for the purpose of spending leisure time by roaming into different popular websites or watching movies through online system or listening to music from online music stores. Since these sort of whiling away happens mainly from public hotspots, loads of incidences of hacking have occurred as those public hotspots are not properly secured for users and in unable to ensure users privacy or security.

Personal VPN Service

Moreover, hacking is getting really popular in the cyber world and it has getting its popularity due to the conversion of all sort of store based business into web based businesses. There are thousands of online based business websites opening up every month and it is easier for the hackers to steal precious information from the businesses and make them published on the web which is a massive disaster for any online business owner. There was a time when users did not have to care about getting hacked while staying at the coffee shop or in any restaurant and hotel as there were not many people had the knowledge of doing that efficiently. However, with the spread of internet usage, all these policies have become more open to the users who can easily learn this illegal stuff without spending much time. Nowadays, hackers have found out different ways of hacking or bluffing people like by sending them exclusive features of a specific website and encouraging them to get into the website in order to get the advantages. In addition to this, some of these hackers invite internet users to get popular software without paying anything and this creates a huge interest among the users in order to get it free. Ultimately, they fall for it and get into trouble after losing all their personal data and other sensitive information.

For these reasons, personal VPN is a practical solution for every Internet user in order to sort out their problem. This VPN service will help those users by providing them a well established security system and by enhancing their privacy, so that they will not have to bother about their security. With a personal VPN, users can certainly use the Internet service from those public Wi-Fi hotspots without getting hacked or spammed.

What are other beneficial aspects of a Personal VPN?

Using a secured Personal VPN service will allow users to get some advantages that may not be possible through using a free VPN service. If you prefer to sign up for a paid VPN service, you will be able to get a secure and strong server system that provides full support to the users. However, most of the paid VPN services offer loads of exclusive features for their customers. One of the most significant features is that, they assure customers that they can easily get into the popular restricted websites that are otherwise restricted for the users without getting concerned of being blocked by the respective authorities of the websites. Most of these website administrators are only able to track users IP address in order to assess their identity. Therefore, they are not being able to prevent those users that are using VPN service from getting access and using those interesting features.

Live streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu ask to show their national IP address in order to provide access into their websites. Moreover, many users from different countries are not allowed to get into those popular live streaming websites or to those websites that are only accessible only for users from a specific region. A Personal VPN account would certainly help them by allowing them to get access and enjoy their internet outing into those websites. A VPN service will help even the users from the countries outside the broadcasting domain by creating IP addresses of those respective countries. A personal VPN will help those users to create an IP address that can signify that users do belong from that country.

Are all personal VPN services the same?

There are various personal VPN services available for the customers and each of them are different in package service, cost and technical issues. Some of the VPN services are expensive and some are cheap; therefore, it gets really difficult to understand the underlying causes affecting the quality of services by those VPN service providers. Many of the free VPN services have got weak and in secured servers which are not safe at all for the Internet users. It’s better to select the paid VPN service in order to get secured and speedy services while surfing through the Internet.

Finding the best Personal VPN – Where do I get one?

There are various paid VPN services available in the market. As a user, you will need to assess their functional capability along with their customer support reviews. Moreover, you will have to make sure that your preferred VPN service can provide you all the facilities that you have wished for. To make it possible, you can ask for the trial service from several VPN service providers, so that you can try out their exclusive features and compare. The lists below have the top rated Personal VPN service providers that are the leaders in terms of market share.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 Hidemyass $6.55/ Month Visit Provider Site
2 ExpressVPN $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
3 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
4 IAPS $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site

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