StrongVPN Review

by Albert on December 29, 2011

Strong VPN has established a strong network all over the world which includes almost 280 servers which are situated in 19 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, France and many others. In addition to all these, Strong VPN has offered about 10,000 IP addresses for their account holders also offers a top notch security and privacy service to make the user’s outing to the cyber work comfortable and safe. However, this service can connect to L2TP, PPTP, SSTP protocols efficiently that gives enough flexibility for users to connect to their service from any device such as personal computer, Laptop or mobile devices like iPad, iPhone,  Symbian and Android.

Moreover, this VPN service can support to any operating systems available like Windows, Linux or Mac. Strong VPN provides access to most of the restricted websites all over the world without creating any hassle while surfing. If you prefer to watch live streaming videos from popular websites like Netflix, Hulu; it will give you the complete freedom so that you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies, even when you are staying outside the geographic range of the broadcasting of these services. It also supports setting up the DD-WRT router and you can do that easily if you follow the specific instructions that have been described in their website also in numerous found on the web.

Strongvpn Reviews

Performance Test of Strong VPN:

If you consult this Strongvpn Review, you will find a lot of useful information. After making a connection to a PPTP server that is situated in the USA, the download speed usually rises up to 23 Mbps and upload speed to 2 Mbps. This state shows that, their speed is relatively low if compared to any other VPN services currently available in the market.

Package Pricing of Strong VPN:

Strong VPN service supports all types of popular protocols like SSL, PPTP, L2TP and users will get support according to the packages that have been offered by the company.

1- Lite PPTP that includes almost 100 servers and this service are based on US only. Price is about $7 per month.

2- Standard PPTP that includes almost 110 servers which is being served for US users only and it costs about $7 per month.

3- Lite PPTP that includes almost 100 servers and this package has been offered for US users only and it costs about $7 per month.

4-Standard PPTP that includes 110 servers which is being offered to US users only and it costs about $12 per month.

5- Deluxe PPTP that includes almost 160 servers around 16 countries and it costs about $15 per month.

6- Lite Open that includes almost 165 servers and this package is for US users only. It will cost about $10 per month.

7- Standard Open that includes almost 175 servers and this package is just for US users with a price of $15 per month.

8- Deluxe Open that includes almost 260 servers around 17 countries and the price is $20 per month.

9- Premium package that includes 265 servers around 20 countries and it costs about $30 per month.

10- There are some discount offers for some specific packages which are usually published on special occasions.


All the available StrongVPN Reviews refer that Strong VPN service offers high class performance in case of security and privacy for their users. Moreover, it provides a wide range of servers all over the world that helps users to create their desired IP address in order to get all types of accessing in different websites without getting concerned of blocking. Therefore, it can be a profitable option for the Internet users in order to get all types of advantages while surfing through the cyber world.


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