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by Albert on February 15, 2012

Internet accessibility is not free in some of the specific countries around the globe. There are some countries available that have implemented the Internet censorship in order to restrict users from accessing or getting into any sort of illegal stuff. However, users from those countries are not getting the chance of using many popular features of the cyber world as they are not allowed by the respective authorities of those particular countries. Social media websites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are not accessible from those countries as the governments do not prefer to provide access as they prefer to avoid all sorts of unwanted situations that may hamper the reputation. Therefore, Internet is not still blessing for all the countries users as they are being in the situation where it is not possible to express freedom. It is quite disappointing to see that, users are not being able to surf anywhere in the cyber space without having the permission of the particular authorities.

What type of Internet censorship presents in Taiwan?

Taiwan is one of those specific Asian countries where the Internet censorship at its peak. The government has activated the law of Internet restriction in order to prevent access in many unwanted websites that usually contain pornographic contents, political and religious issues. Besides, this country is strict about the religious matter. Therefore, the government tries to avoid any sort of issue that may relate with the religion as it can become a sensitive issue after some time. However, the government has activated a filtering system through which users will be tracked down through checking out their activities in the cyber world.

Apart from the Internet censorship issue, there is another common issue for users in Taiwan that prevents from experiencing a good online outing. There are many popular websites available that are not being accessible while staying in Taiwan. The reason behind would be the legal obligations that have made them restricted from accessing into those particular websites. However, there are some live stream websites available in the cyber space like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Pandora whose can not be accessible while staying in Taiwan. These websites are providing services for some of the specific number of countries around the world. Therefore, users live in Taiwan will not be able to watch those popular movies along with TV shows as the authorities will not allow them to do so.

However, the online security and privacy has also been a common issue Taiwan as many users already expressed their disappointments while using the Internet service. There are many users available in Taiwan who has been hacked by the online frauds while surfing through random websites in the cyber world. Besides, users have been hacked while using the Internet connection from public hotspots. Moreover, users only use the anti-virus tools that are not eligible of providing enough security while using the Internet service as these tools can only provide security for user’s operating systems. Therefore, incidences of hacking are increasing at a rapid pace.

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How users in Taiwan can sort out all sorts of Internet restrictions?

There are not many effective tools are present for users in Taiwan in order to bypass all the restrictions related with the Internet service. Sources like DNS changing tools, IP address hiding software, and web proxy services are not good enough to provide adequate support while using the Internet service in Taiwan. In mo st cases, these respective sources have been easily detected by the respective authorities after being introduced into the network. This has been certainly possible with the help of latest web applications that have the ability to detect each and every proxy source into the network system.

Therefore, the best possible option for users in Taiwan is to use the VPN service. This service can provide all the important features that may require while using the Internet connection from home or publicly placed Wi-Fi hotspots.

What are the salient features of a VPN service that can provide help for users in Taiwan?

VPN is a specific form of virtual network that works through creating a suitable condition for users in order to use the Internet service as freely as it can be. This special service works through creating IP addresses from particular locations in order to provide enough flexibility for users in Taiwan. Therefore, users in Taiwan can get the chance of using the Internet service without being blocked by the respective authorities of the government. However, it has the ability to bypass any of the firewall system that has been implemented by the government of Taiwan. Besides, it can also provide the top notch online security and privacy service for customers in order to protect them from those cyber crimes. This amazing service can certainly prevent those online frauds like hackers or spammers from leaking out the personal information of users while surfing through randomly into the cyber world. In order to make this feature more impressive, VPN has also included an additional feature of anonymity service through which users in Taiwan will be able to hide out their online presence whenever they will surf anywhere into the cyber world. This will certainly create a suitable environment for users as they can easily get into those restricted websites without being noticed by the authorities of those particular sites. Moreover, any of the online frauds can detect their online presence in order to cause any harm. However, VPN also ensures a secured transferring process of personal databases of users as it can activates a specialized encryption system through which all sorts of databases are being transferred with the help of a VPN tunneling system.

For users in Taiwan, there are both free and paid VPN service providers available in order to select the best possible option while using with the Internet connection. Unfortunately, most of the free Taiwan VPN service providers can not offer all the features that may require in order bypassing all the Internet related restrictions. Besides, these free services are not being capable of providing an absolute anonymity feature for users in Taiwan. Therefore, these services are not safe by any means while staying in Taiwan. However, it is wise worthy to obtain a VPN service from those top charted VPN service providers. Most of those top charted Taiwan VPN service providers are capable of serving the top quality service in case of proper online accessibility and security service. Besides, these services can certainly help those users in Taiwan to bypass any of the available Internet censorship system efficiently. Moreover, these service provider companies do offer all of their packages with an affordable rate in order to make sure that, users can easily purchase any of the available packages. In order to obtain a good VPN service in Taiwan, users should check out some important features first. It is particularly important to know whether the users’ preferred VPN service can support all the protocol systems and popular types of devices. Moreover, a good Taiwan VPN service should be capable enough to support all the operating systems in order to work efficiently. Lastly, users in Taiwan will have to check out the customer supporting system along with the bandwidth speed as it will be required for watching those popular movies and TV shows from live streaming websites like Netflix or Hulu.

Most valuable and effective VPN service providers for users in Taiwan:

For users in Taiwan, there several kinds of VPN services present in order to sort out all issues related to the Internet censorship laws. Users will have to remember some important factors before they obtain for a suitable Taiwan VPN service. To provide them some sort of help, a list of top 5 VPN service providers has been provided. Users can certainly try out these services as they have the ability to sort out any situation related to the Internet blockage.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 Hidemyass $6.55/ Month Visit Provider Site
2 ExpressVPN $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
3 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
4 IAPS $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site

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