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UK TV is basically a broadcaster of multiple television channels, and is owned by BBC Worldwide in collaboration with Scripps Networks Interactive. Established in the year 1997, it has now transformed to be one of the most widely watched networks of channels in the UK. The channels broadcasted by UK TV are available both by way of cable subscriptions as well as digital satellite in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The network has eleven channel brands in total, and these include Yesterday, Alibi, Good Food, Home, Really, Eden, Gold, Watch, Dave, Play, and Drama. It uses the best available technology to make its channels available to its vast audiences via UKTV Play, YouView, BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, Sky and Freeview.

The channels of UK TV network usually broadcast repeats of BBC’s productions. However, its entertainment channels are also found to broadcast programmes from other content providers as well. Also, in recent years, UK TV has also started to produce small number of programmes on its own. The network worked with several advertisers to know the level of impact that would be caused by reducing the spots for advertising, the number of overall breaks, and program teasers or trailers. And in an attempt to attract advertisers and retain its viewers, the network brought down the length of its advertisement breaks.

Channel Specifications

The channel Watch of UK TV is at present its flagship channel, with entertainment as its genre. Launched in the year 2008, the channel plays some of the most famous shows like Torchwood, Total Wipeout USA, Being Human, Planet Earth, Celebrity Masterchef, Dancing with the Stars, Primeval, Doctor Who, The Great British Bake Off, etc. The network has dedicated an exclusive channel for the genre comedy, named Gold, and airs British comedy programmes more than the rest. Some of the current programmes aired in the channel include Bewitched, The Good Life, Little Britain, The Young Ones, The Old Guys, The Fast Show, Game On, Heroes of Comedy, and a lot more. Home, the channel of UK TV network, mainly focuses on home improvement and therefore airs several shows pertinent to the same, and also contains gardening programmes and DIY shows, some of which are inclusive of A Place in the Sun, Flog It!, Ground Force, Living in the Sun, To Buy or Not to Buy, How Clean is Your House?, and more.

Another one prime channel of UK TV is Good Food which mainly focuses on cookery programmes. In 2004, the network launched Eden, a channel that concentrates mainly on airing documentaries about Nature and Science, which also happens to be its genre. This channel airs shows like Amazing Planet, Band Goes the Theory, BBC Wildlife Species, The Code, The Blue Planet, Equator, Chased by Dinosaurs, etc. The channel Really was launched in the year 2009, and its entire focus happens to be on Lifestyle and Reality shows. Some of its current programs are The Clothes Show, Boston Med, 10 Years Younger, Final Witness, Ghost Adventures, Covert Affairs, Ghost Hunters, Masterchef Australia, and Most Haunted. Similarly, the other channel brands of UK TV had their own genres and broadcast programmes in those genres, thus reaching to a wide array of audience in the UK and Ireland.

The Restriction

As the UK TV network offers so many channel brands which in turn offer programmes in almost all possible genres, millions of viewers in and around the United Kingdom have become fans of the shows. Hence, whenever those viewers leave their country, they still wish to keep watching their favorite UK TV channels and shows at their convenience. But, unfortunately, none of the channels will be available for viewing outside the UK, except in Ireland. This is because of the geographic restriction imposed by the network. As discussed earlier in this article, all the channels of UK TV air programmes offered by their content providers, except for a few original ones. In order to obtain the rights of broadcasting contents from providers, the network would have signed agreements with them requiring licensing and rights for the airing of their shows within a specific region. According to this agreement, currently, the network is able to air contents only in the UK and Ireland, which is why it would be difficult for people in Germany to access UK TV.

Access UK TV in Germany Using UK VPN

One of the best ways in which users can watch UK TV in Germany is by using a UK VPN. Not just Germans, but also Brits who travel to Germany for business or leisure will be able to use this method to not miss their favorite TV shows. A relief for viewers in Germany would be that some of the channels of UK TV can be accessed via internet TV services like YouView. However, these services also impose geographic restrictions by using the IP blocking mechanism. When a user tries to watch UK TV on YouView from Germany, the service will first look at the IP address of the user. As the IP of the user will be a German one, his or her access will be denied immediately.

But, when the same user accesses the service through a UK VPN, he or she will be granted access. How is this even possible? Here is what happens. When the user signs up with a UK VPN service provider, he or she will be able to connect to a server located in the UK. Through this server, the user will get a UK IP address to replace their original German IP, which will make the service believe that the user is present in the UK. Thus, without any geographic restriction or regional blockade, users would be able to watch UK TV channels in Germany by using a UK VPN.

Best UK VPN Service Providers

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