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by Albert on January 14, 2012

Windows 7 is the newest version of Windows that has been recently launched by the Microsoft Inc. Microsoft has tried to improve the computer security up to a level from which users can be able to minimize the risk of getting damaged through spyware, viruses and other type of malware in to the operating system. Besides, this newest version of Windows operating system has the feature of backup solution in order to help users to keep up their information in the safe side. Moreover, it has tried to create more improved parental control systems in order to protect family members keeping away from unwanted applications. Windows 7 has tried to modify some of the features related to security issues in order to help users to get improved and secured operating system. Some of the significant features are listed here:1- The Action Center:

Windows 7 has included an amazing feature in order to provide users an optimum security service while using the operating system and the feature is tagged as the “Action Center” which is present in the control panel. This unique feature helps to assist users whether the firewall system is turned on or off. Besides, this provides information about the update of your anti-virus whether software is up to date or not. Moreover, it provides flexibility in case of updating operating system features and you can set an option from which the operating system will be automatically updated.

2- You can protect your personal database from accidental loss and hackers:

BitLocker Drive Encryption is another type of unique application that has been included in Windows 7 in order to encrypt Windows hard disk for keeping all the personal documents and other important data bases in a secured place. If you turn on the application, any file that presents in the operating system will be encrypted automatically. However, Windows firewall system can provide you better security service than before as Microsoft has made some adjustment related to the firewall system for Windows 7. Here, users can get better flexibility and easy processing system than before. Besides, users now have much improved backup and restore system through which most of the important files are being copied; therefore, you will not have to get worried of losing your important files whatever happens to the operating system.

3- Protect your personal computer against spyware, viruses and other malware:

Microsoft has offered an application which is known as the “Microsoft Security Essentials” for free downloading in case of Windows 7 in order to help users for protecting their operating systems from spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware that can cause significant damage on the system. Besides, there is another application named as “Windows Defender” that helps users protecting their operating systems from the pop up ads, security threats caused by several wanted software and spyware and slow performance.

4- Security and control system has been improved in order to reduce the risk level:

Windows 7 is much easier to handle the operating system in order run the personal computer as an administrator of the operating system. Windows Vista had introduced an application through which users could easily get a warning or notification whether any application tried to make any sort of modification into the operating system. Windows 7 has upgraded this unique feature and users will get much improved level of security service than before.

VPN Service for Windows 7 Users:

There are several reasons of using the Internet service while having Windows 7 on your personal device like computer or laptop. Windows 7 has upgraded several features that are related to the Internet usage policy. Moreover, users will get some new features that have been included for this newer version of Windows only. From Windows 7, users will get a better version application in order to watch live streaming videos from different websites. Moreover, all the newest version of Internet tools is compatible with Windows 7; therefore, users can certainly use their favorite software without concerning about the compatibility with the operating system. There are some negative aspects have risen up while using the Internet service as the number of users are increasing at such a high rate. Nowadays, users are more concerned about their online security rather than only operating system’s security as they prefer spend a certain amount of time in the cyber world. There are many incidences of getting spammed or hacked down while surfing through random websites without taking any sort of online safe guard. Therefore, Windows 7 users have to be  in the vulnerable state in case of their online security and privacy system. Many of them already tried several resources that are available in online; but any of them could not provide adequate security and privacy service while using the Internet. However, there is another source available for Windows 7 users in order to sort out their online security, and this special feature is tagged as the VPN service. This specialized service of VPN for windows 7 helps users through providing them top notch online security and privacy service for their customers. Besides, users can certainly get into any of the restricted websites without getting blocked by the system administrators. Moreover, users have the option of anonymity in order to protect their real identity from all type of third party resources, hackers and spammers while surfing through different websites as no one can detect their online presence anywhere in the cyber space.

 Best VPN for Windows 7

VPN services are available in both free and paid form. But, its better choosing a paid VPN service provider in order to all the beneficial features while using the Windows 7 operating system. Therefore, users should check the compatibility whether the Windows 7 VPN service can support the operating system along with the available device properly or not. In case of Windows 7, PPTP, SSTP and SSL protocols are supported; therefore, you will have to check out the best Windows 7 VPN service providers to make sure which one will provide better compatibility.

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