How to Watch Netflix in Germany

by Albert on November 15, 2011

Users outside the United States may experience difficulties using the service of although a number of simple solutions exist. First of all, you can take your time and explore available offers by reputable VPN service providers. Providers that operate legitimate servers on American soil can offer access to Netflix through assigning a unique IP to your computer, which will appear as if your PC is located in the United States, thus enabling you to take advantage of all services provided by the company.

Most reputable VPN service providers offer solutions that can be deployed of any computer running any of the widespread operating systems, including Apple’s Mac OS, Linux, and various versions of the Windows operating system. In addition, using a VPN service allows users to get Netflix services in most parts of the world, including Europe, where many users in Germany boast access to Netflix services through VPN.

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Watch Netflix in Germany

Another reason why so many people choose VPN to access Netflix is that VPN services can cost as low as five U.S. dollars a month, depending on your service provider and location. The Netflix subscription fees are also very affordable, thus the entire service would cost less than 30 U.S. dollars a month, which is acceptable price for a streamline service like the one offered by Netflix.

Modern-day professional are always on the go, with many people traveling extensively around the globe to perform their professional duties. Therefore, taking advantage of VPN to get access to Netflix anywhere in the world, including in Germany, is a good option for those who are traveling a lot. Furthermore, you will have access to other services like Hulu through a VPN although Hulu and Netflix are quite different products.

Actually, installing a VPN solution does not require in-depth knowledge of computers and software and can be performed by an average computer user without much effort. VPN service provides offer standalone installations and web-based solutions designed to fit virtually all and every operating system, even outdated Windows versions that are not widely used anymore. This is not the case in Germany, where like in other European countries most computers run Windows XP and later versions of the Windows operating system, which can be configured very easily to take advantage of a VPN connection.

In addition, the VPN service does not require any additional hardware or software to be installed, and produces great results even on personal computers than lack extended computing power. Thus, a VPN solution can be installed on virtually every desktop or laptop, including old-fashioned ones. Of course, every VPN service provider may have particular requirements and you have to conduct thorough research on all offers in the market before you select a reputable and affordable VPN service provider.To make this job easier we have presented belo Top 5 VPN Providers list to Watch Netflix

Best VPN for Watching Netflix for German Citizens

These are the Top VPN Providers.Specially hidemyass VPN is really fastest VPN Provider for watching netflix.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 Hidemyass $6.55/ Month Visit Provider Site
2 ExpressVPN $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
3 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
4 IAPS $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site

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