How to Watch US Netflix in the UK

by Albert on February 6, 2012

If you are using the Internet service, then you must have an idea about the live streaming websites. These unique features containing websites are being so special due to some amazing contents that have been offering to the subscriber. Millions of Internet users from different parts of the world have been using these services for some years. Even though, these services are popular among most of the countries around the globe, there are still many countries that still have not gotten the permission of watching those popular movies along with TV shows from those particular websites. Most of the websites have got some limitation about the broadcasting policy; therefore, it is highly impossible for them to permit users from many different countries to make access. But, the respective authorities are trying to expand their businesses in different countries.

US Netflix and its feature:

Netflix was initially introduced for the US citizens only. After some time, the company has decided to extend their offer in a number of the Latin American and European countries along with Canada. Unfortunately, users from those particular countries except USA do not have the opportunity of experiencing all the exclusive features. Therefore, users are not able to enjoy the unlimited number of movies along will all the episodes of popular TV shows.

However, US Netflix  has got some amazing contents that they can use to attract their customers. Users have gotten the privilege of watching loads of movies and TV shows through using the online system. Besides, this service provider is known for one of the best online based DVD rental services. This company is giving a chance of watching all the videos through a feature of “Watch Instantly”. Apart from this exclusive feature, there are some features available that have already gained so much popularity in a different part of the world. Users are now getting the chance of using this service in a PC, laptop and the Television that are connected to www. Besides, smart phones or mobile gadgets can also be used for activating the Netflix subscription service. Moreover, users those who use the gaming consoles like Xbox and Wii are also capable of subscribing to the service of US Netflix. However, the whole registration process and accessibility is pretty easy for users. Users can get access anywhere in the website and not facing any major type of hassle. In the website, all the detailed information about the movies along with TV shows has been provided. Besides, all the specific genres have been set for all the movies; therefore, users will not have to spend some time for searching their favorite kind of movies.  These special features have made this unique service more popular than before.

Availability of US Netflix in the UK:

US Netflix can only be used from USA territory; therefore, users from other parts of the globe are not getting the permission of accessing into the website as the designated authorities will not allow them to do so.

UK is a part of those countries where the accessibility of US Netflix is not possible. Even though, users in UK are also using the service of Netflix, but they are getting the limited version for the legal issues deployed in the respective countries. Therefore, users in this country prefer to use the US version of Netflix as they will able to use all the features that usually US citizens do. It is really not good for those users that they are not getting all the features while paying the same amount of subscription charge.

What are the remedies available for users in the UK to activate US Netflix service?

There are just a small number of options available for users in the UK so as to get the service of US Netflix. Many users have already tried out some of the sources that are available in the cyber space, but they are unable to create space for adequate service so as to obtain an access in the US Netflix. Sources like the tools for hiding your IP address, DNS changing software and proxy systems are functionally unable to provide all the essential features related to the Internet security and accessibility. In most of the cases, these services get easily detected and denied access by the respective monitoring personnel of Netflix website after being introduced.

Therefore, the best possible service for UK users is to use the VPN as it will try to sort out all issues related to the Internet service. Besides, users will be competent to create an opportunity to get admission into the US Netflix website without facing any major type of trouble. This very unique and very special virtual network can create a suitable condition so that the users in the UK will be proficient to get through the US Netflix website without facing any sort of blockage by the ordering authorities. Besides, the network administrators will not be able to recognize the real identities of users while using the VPN service. Moreover, this service will manage to arrange that adequate and proper online privacy and security for its customers are ensured while using the Internet connection. Apart from the online security issue, VPN is also capable of providing an anonymity feature through which users in the UK can get into cyber world without getting caught by the authorities of the website of US Netflix or hacked down from the illegal performers. Moreover, users will be capable to save their information while transferring to some particular addresses through using the VPN connection. In this case, VPN uses an encrypting system that is unique and through which all the data packets can transfer with the assistance of the VPN’s system. Therefore, any of the online frauds will be capable to leak out any of the personal data while surfing into the cyber world. However, VPN is capable of supporting all the well-liked devices like the computer, laptop, smart phones and gaming consoles. Besides, it does support all the operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Moreover, it can provide an optimum connection speed so as to load all the popular live stream videos from US Netflix.

 Top VPN service providers in the UK:

There are several types of VPN service providers available for users in the UK. So as to obtain the best VPN service, they will need to check the quality of service and online security service. Here, a list of top 5 VPN service providers that has been provided and they have already become much popular for their unique and special services in all around the world. Therefore, users can certainly fulfill their requirements through signing up from those top 5 VPN services while staying in the UK.

Rank Provider Starting Price Visit Provider Site
1 Hidemyass $6.55/ Month Visit Provider Site
2 ExpressVPN $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
3 StrongVPN $21/ 3 Months Visit Provider Site
4 IAPS $8.32/Month Visit Provider Site
5 VyprVPN $14.95/Month Visit Provider Site

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