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by Albert on November 3, 2011

You might be aware of the fact that Netflix is a service that is limited to the US. But, many people are looking forward to a large number of movies that are available in the movie library. They try to watch Netflix outside US. However, the problem they face is that if the Internet Protocol address is not in the US, they are more likely to fall into trouble. The users from outside the US are not allowed to access Netfix.

 So, the question is how to watch Netfix outside US. If you look for the solution, you find that you can easily watch Netfix outside US. VPN is an obvious choice for you. By using Virtual Private Network, you are able to get an American Internet Protocol address. Thus, you are able to access the site. VPNs are affordable and are a reliable source to get access to any Internet Protocol site the use of that is restricted. Two of these include Hulu and BBC iPlayer. You just need to pay few dollars for this for every month. This is the fee for the membership of the VPN. Netfix is very well-aware of this fact that these can be accessed by using VPNs. But, they are not able to block the VPNs. This is because the VPNs are easily able to detect and it is further almost impossible to block the Internet Protocol addresses.

VPN is the right solution to how to watch Netfix outside US. You just need to buy VPN connection and you are good to go.  This will trick your internet connection and make it think as if you are in US, then you need to log into your Netfix account, and then you can easily select the movie you want to stream. The last step is to click on Play button and thus the movie starts on your computer.

You can also watch Netfix outside US even on your iPhones. This is again possible with a virtual private network. VPNs may seem tough and difficult to you but it actually is very easy to set up and get it running. Netfix. However, does not stream to the users of iPhones with IP addresses outside US, but if you have a VPN you would be able to watch the movies from the Netfix site.

Once you make up your mind on a VPN service, the next thing you need to do is just to install it on your iPhone. You must be able to get a PPTP or L2TP VPN. However, a L2TP VPN is preferred over a PPTP VPN approximately 90% of the time. With VPN running on your iPhone, visit the Netfix site and type in your account information. Now you are set to choose the movie you wish to watch and start streaming the same. It has also been advised by some to disconnect from the VPN once you start with the streaming process. This enables you to use the full bandwidth to stream the movie. But, there are people who say that disconnecting from the VPN, makes your video stop and you need to start with this process again. So, they advise to keep your VPN connected as you are able to stream your movie at a pretty good speed.

Thus, to watch Netfix outside US, you need to get yourself connected to the VPN. It is an excellent aid for you to surf and stream the movies online.

Best VPN Providers for Watchinng Netflix

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